This section has been included just to clarify a couple of things about this mysterious nutrient. The body uses fatty acids to lubricate joints, help electric impulses of the nerves and most importantly for bodybuilders it helps in producing hormones. Hormones like testosterone are composed mostly of fatty acids. There are different types of fats and all of them don't function alike. Animal fats are mostly saturated and vegetable fats are liquid. But some vegetable oils have been put through a process called hydrogenation this means that they have been chemically treated during the extraction process. This does not make them very good for health. There chemical compositions differ and some of them can be quite dangerous. Saturated fats are fats that are extremely dense. The arrangements of carbon atoms in saturated fats are very hard to breakdown. This is why they are only broken down as a last resort by the body to be converted into energy. The difference can be compared to clothes that are just chucked haphazardly in a basket or those that are neatly folded and stored. The neatly folded ones will be denser and allow the laundry basket to contain more clothes. The saturated fats are stored as adipose. The problem with saturated fats is that because of their density they tend to stick together. When they are transported in the veins and arteries to be stored as adipose cells they tend to line the arteries and as the body takes a long time to transport them through the vascular walls they block the flow of blood. They are the major cause for high blood pressure and heart diseases.

The good fats that are contained in the body are called Omega 3, 6 and 9 and these are the fats that help in human growth. As the omega fats can be easily broken down they form an excellent source of energy. The best source of omega fats come from fish oils like cod liver oil. The other good source of omega fats is flax seed oil and it contains the maximum amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming some fish or flax seed oil would be good from a health point of view.