Proteins and Steroids

Proteins In The World Of Bodybuilding

The bodybuilders or the trained individuals have the ability to store more proteins in their muscles as compared to the individuals who have not trained their muscles. The growth is much faster in the case of those muscles with high protein storage capacity because of the fact that they have the capacity to store more proteins rather than burning them as energy.

In this section we will discuss the implications of proteins in the bodybuilding process. A research study carried out by Dr. Lemon comprised men of age 22 who were trained in a gymnasium for the period of one and a half hours in six days a week. This study explored the fact that those men under the observation had minimum requirements of 0.7 grams of protein for every pound of their weight to uphold themselves with catabolism. Hence, it can be concluded that a man weighing 150 pounds would require minimum of 102 grams of proteins on daily basis. However consumption of this minimum requirement of protein does not help men to accumulate anything for the bodybuilding process. The studies show that in order to gain muscle, men would require consuming protein more than the requisite level of 0.7 grams of their body weight. Some experts recommend 2-4 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. Carbohydrates have their own importance in the body and they need to be balanced with the other nutrients in the human body. The consumption of 400 grams of proteins and 1000 grams of carbohydrates are essential for a person having weight of 200 pounds which comprises of 5600 calories (exemption of fat). These 5600 calories can be normal for a bodybuilder who utilizes these calories in anabolism. Carbohydrates are utilized as energy more speedily as compared to protein. The optimum level of carbohydrates helps an individual to get more value from the excessive proteins if the environment of anabolism is appropriate. For example, a person taking Deca-Durabolin (an anabolic steroid) because of the protein synthesis effect caused by the steroid will demand for more proteins in the body and will be benefited by those excessive proteins.

Carbohydrates provide necessary fuels to the human body and are highly recommended for the runners, athletes and bodybuilders. The individuals should take care of their diet and ensure optimum level of nutrients in the body. The dinner should constitute of one third of the proteins and the residual should encompass carbohydrates; which means protein rich foods and carbohydrates rich foods are highly recommended for the individuals involved in the bodybuilding. For example, a person should eat a carbohydrate rich breakfast in the morning; consume lunch encompassing one third of the proteins and two third of carbohydrates and should have dinner for the same proportions of carbohydrates and proteins while substituting different food items such as fish, chicken, meat etc. The care should be taken in maintaining the appropriate balance between carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates will utilize the energy and proteins will grow the muscle tissues only in the case if the diet is balanced in terms of protein and carbohydrates proportions. The diet with high protein but with low carbohydrate will lead to physical weaknesses because of the deleted glycogens stores in the body. The person might suffer from exhaustion and aggravation because of not getting the required results in spite of training his muscles to the best. This might result in discharge of nitrogen which creates amino acids that can cause negative impact on the individual’s kidneys because of ammonia build up in the body especially in the case if the patient consumes less water.

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