Popular Food Recipes - Soups

  • A solution of 1 tablespoon baking soda to 1 quart warm water will remove most "off" odors from plastic storage containers. Simply give them a thorough dip in the soda solution, rinse with fresh water, and dry.
  • Save all kinds of leftover bread, bagels, baguettes, sandwich loaves, rolls, crackers, biscuits, and buzz to very fine crumbs in the food processor. Freeze in self−sealing plastic bags and use for stuffings and toppings.
  • To keep milk past it's expiration date add salt. A pinch of salt in a gallon will do it. The salt slows the rate of bacteria growth.
  • When broiling at home (i.e. using an oven that has a broil setting), be sure to leave the door open a little bit, otherwise your oven will contain too much heat and your food will overcook.
  • To hull strawberries, use a sturdy plastic straw. Push it up through the bottom of the strawberry and through the top. It does a great job quickly and neatly. The berries look excellent if you want to leave them whole.
  • At your next party, chill your canned and bottled beverages by putting in top load washer and covering with ice. After you have removed all the drinks just spin out the water.
  • A high quality hard boiled egg slicer makes easy work of slicing mushrooms for sauces or salads; it will also slice strawberries and peeled kiwi fruits perfectly.
  • To make deviled eggs with no mess put eggs yolks from hard boiled eggs in a plastic sandwich bag. Add remaining ingredients, close bag and mix. When finished cut small tip off corner of bag and squeeze into hollowed egg white, then simply throw away the bag.