Ribs & Kraut For Crockpot

Serves: 4
Category: Beef


• 1 can sauerkraut (32 oz)
• 1/4 cup white wine or vermouth
• 2 tablespoons flour
• 2 pounds spareribs (country style); pepper (to taste)


Rinse and drain saurkraut in a collander. Rinse well with cold water. Squeeze excess water out with hands. Place in crockpot. Add 2 T flour and the 1/2c wine or dry vermouth. Mix with fork. Put the ribs on top of the saurkraut. Season with pepper. Cook on low setting 6-12 hours, or less on high setting.

Interesting Variation

• Add sliced peeled apples to the saurkraut.
• Can substitute pork chops for ribs. May wish to brown first, if fatty.